Something about something else about something vaguely Cinderelly

I cannot write book reviews. Firstly because translating my thoughts in fluid intelligible type is harrowing. I know I got a glowy-happy feeling from a book. But I don’t know why. How can I express that? I can never find the right words to say why I like this story, or what nuances made me want to strangle the story to its perpetual re-death.

However, I will say, I immensely enjoyed reading the Lunar Chronicles by Merissa Meyer. There is something comforting about reading a fairy-tale retelling. Especially one about several misfits who come together to become a not related but exceedingly awesome family on a spaceship (one of my faves – this is why I always liked Doctor Who when there is are more than one companions). Oh, I really loved Cinder, and the best part of fairy-tale novels as opposed to originals or even Disney is that you get to know all the characters rather than the protagonist. I mean why does Cinderelly fall for Prince Charming anyway…

What I really liked was that the three main female protagonists were not necessarily that check-me-out, I am oh-so-strong, and that means I have a right to exist in this male world. No. Thank. You. Girls can be girls okay. Although a strong character I recently liked was Celaena in Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass (also apparently based on Cinderella), however for me personally her pitfall was that she was always telling. Never showing. Yes I am a cold blooded murderer she tells me. Oh it is oh so easy to kill him. She says. But does she prove it. Not in the first novel. Although I do understand that perhaps it is a way that we humans can inflate our self esteem and perhaps feel in control especially when we aren’t always necessarily in control. Nevertheless, she is awesome book-devouring-sparkly-dress appreciating fairly rounded character. Additionally the second book actually trumps the first. And this is why even though I am wary of strong-female tropes, this one had me smiling like a cheshire cat.

Yes, I do realise that was all very self-contradictory.
See I cannot really write reviews.
But I can rant. And battle ferociously against comma splices (whilst ultimately failing). And chase dragons (fire breathing rather than metaphorical anything type (coughDentistscough). And generally spew incoherence!


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