I have a thing for cardmaking

I have a thing for cardmaking. Since the last couple of years I have been making my own cards. Simply because I can. Often they are created in some crazed last minute dash. Other times I have plans: slow, simmering schemes. And the glitter, it gets everywhere. Here are some of my craftier cards (yes they do plan to take over the world one papercut at a time):

Screen shot 2014-11-26 at 21.35.32

[lazy day card] [messy card] [airy fairy card]

I always have a hard time with these and do have some mild disappointment, but I do love the one on the right. Here are some artier cards:

2014-10-13 18.05.23

[for my auntie, one from her nieces and nephews, and one from her kids]

Cartoonsie cardies for my brothers (hehe):

[A's fave - bob the builder]  [spongebob - turns out J's fave cartoon was fairly odd parents - oops]

[A’s fave – bob the builder] [spongebob – turns out J’s fave cartoon was fairly odd parents – oops]

Bob’s the word! And I do like these (rather a lot):

[for father's day, or dad's brithday. hmmm?] [flowers again, and a matching bouquet]

[for father’s day, or dad’s birthday. hmmm?] [flowers for my auntie again, and a matching bouquet]

Cake. Just because. 😀



And finally, I never did finish those books, but I started many others and enjoyed them. Sometimes when it comes between cake and reading life gets real tough, real fast. Okaaay. So I do love cake. And reading. But currently I am Nanoing and guess what? I nearly, very nearly have 10,000 words. And one year, perhaps many years from now, or not many at all, I will get 50,000. Although perhaps not in November. Novembers make me far too sleepy. ~freethepeas


Something about Ferrero Rocher, and something else about books.

So, who doesn’t like chocolate? Any excuses to indulge in Ferrero Rochers are fine by me! Oh, look at those fab bangles (often on-a-whim purchased from Bees in Green Street), hmm, where to store them so they are easy to see, easy to access, and a sparkly pick-me-up. (Yes, I am a magpie) The answer to that (the storage issue, not the one regarding obsession with sparklies), may be a spot of upcycling. Hmmm, anything, oh yes, my trusty Feffero Rocher box.


As you can see, Ferrero Rocher boxes are extremely useful things. If you have stacks of bangles (2.8 sizing seems to work best) they look rather awesome in their own see-through box. Hmm, other uses… let’s see. Oh, a collection of everyday pearls. Or, a little display for a lovely nail polish collection. Any sort of colour pop required can be contained in this little box of awesome.


(The nail polishes as seen are by a little Canadian company called Tuesday-In-Love. I may review these at some point).


– Sidenote –


I have binge-spent on a lot of books lately. To counter this, I have signed up for my local library again, but as I was browsing their catalogue I found nothing in my local library. Everything has to be ordered in. I initially stopped going to our local library years ago because I gave myself one of those horrid psychological associations things. Every time I step in that library, I get cramps. Why? I don’t know. I just can’t walk out of that library door without a severe case of tummy holding. This pain? Only at my local library. All is not lost as other librarys and general gatherings of books fill me with bubbles and sunshine.


Okay, back onto topic of buying books. Yes, I overspent, and then having done so, I (in)conveniently found an active Waterstones’ gift card with money on it. Whoever this Murphy is, we need words.

Yes. Words.


So, basking in the glow (did I use that phrase correctly?) of having discovered moneys dedicated only to a bookshop, I rushed into Waterstones. I came back deflated. Yep. Pop. Pop. Pop. I found books, MANY BOOKS, but nothing that spoke to me. Nothing. I escaped from the shop, and tried to flee from that terrible man outside who kept trying to attack various poor unsuspecting people with his flyers.


I tell myself: ignore them. Ignore the people. You can do it!


As I rushed out, his voice rang out, “Can I speak to you?” (or something like that). Squeaking a “no, thank you,” I exited the scene.

I blame him. Throughout my trip to in the bookshop, the inane babbling of a pushy salesman ruined my experience.


Enough, I tell myself. Don’t go looking to spend money just because it’s there. Have patience. Read all those books that you have purchased first. Which to read? I am keen to finish Heart’s Blood (Juliet Marillier), but so far I have not gotten into that no-I-must-not-sleep-for-this-book-is-too-good reading state whenever I pick it up. So now I must decide, or better, crack open Bittergreen (Kate Forsyth) or Enchanted (Alethea Kontis).


And maybe, read something.

Something about something else about something vaguely Cinderelly

I cannot write book reviews. Firstly because translating my thoughts in fluid intelligible type is harrowing. I know I got a glowy-happy feeling from a book. But I don’t know why. How can I express that? I can never find the right words to say why I like this story, or what nuances made me want to strangle the story to its perpetual re-death.

However, I will say, I immensely enjoyed reading the Lunar Chronicles by Merissa Meyer. There is something comforting about reading a fairy-tale retelling. Especially one about several misfits who come together to become a not related but exceedingly awesome family on a spaceship (one of my faves – this is why I always liked Doctor Who when there is are more than one companions). Oh, I really loved Cinder, and the best part of fairy-tale novels as opposed to originals or even Disney is that you get to know all the characters rather than the protagonist. I mean why does Cinderelly fall for Prince Charming anyway…

What I really liked was that the three main female protagonists were not necessarily that check-me-out, I am oh-so-strong, and that means I have a right to exist in this male world. No. Thank. You. Girls can be girls okay. Although a strong character I recently liked was Celaena in Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass (also apparently based on Cinderella), however for me personally her pitfall was that she was always telling. Never showing. Yes I am a cold blooded murderer she tells me. Oh it is oh so easy to kill him. She says. But does she prove it. Not in the first novel. Although I do understand that perhaps it is a way that we humans can inflate our self esteem and perhaps feel in control especially when we aren’t always necessarily in control. Nevertheless, she is awesome book-devouring-sparkly-dress appreciating fairly rounded character. Additionally the second book actually trumps the first. And this is why even though I am wary of strong-female tropes, this one had me smiling like a cheshire cat.

Yes, I do realise that was all very self-contradictory.
See I cannot really write reviews.
But I can rant. And battle ferociously against comma splices (whilst ultimately failing). And chase dragons (fire breathing rather than metaphorical anything type (coughDentistscough). And generally spew incoherence!